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This special initiative aims to create a thematic network for communication between a number of research groups in several Spanish universities working in the area of systems engineering and automation. The research groups have considerable experience developing projects and sponsored…
The main objective of this project is to design a control algorithm that will allow to control jointly the turbocharger pressure and the exhaust fumes re-circulation in turbocharger Diesel engines. At the moment, the turbocharger and the exhaust fumes re-circulation…


FEDER CICYT 1FD97-0974-C02-02.
Our objectives are: Further our understanding of the physiological behaviour of roses, characterise the response of roses, examine flower quality, study the relationship between physiological flows in roses and environmental conditions (climate, substrate). Design and develop an automated climate control…
RESUMEN: PALABRAS CLAVE: Ingeniería de Control, Control Predictivo Multivariable, Algoritmos Genéticos, Sintónia de Controladores, Procesos no lineales.
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