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NNC algorithm

Normalized Normal Constraint algorithm for multi-objective optimization
These Matlab scripts implement the NNC algorithm for 2 and 3 objectives as described in: A. Messac, A. Ismail-Yahaya and C.A. Mattson. The normalized normal constraint method for generating the Pareto frontier  Structural and Multidisciplinary Optimization Volume 25, Number 2…

Basic GA

A basic genetic algorithm with easy use
These Matlab scritps implement the version of the Genetic Algorithm decribed in "Control predictivo basado en modelos mediante técnica de optimización heurística. Aplicación a procesos no lineales y multivariables." F. Xavier Blasco Ferragud. PhD Tesis 1999 (in Spanish). Editorial UPV.…

TrackDrone Lite

Convierte tu ARDrone Parrot en un pequeño UAV
The AR Drone UAV manufactured by the French company Parrot is a small vehicle oriented public radio as a product for leisure. Parrot's website shows details of the main features and basic operation of this interesting "toy". The TrackDrone Lite…


Leveldiagrams for multiobjective decision making
This toolbox draws Leveldiagrams for Pareto Set and its associated Front, and allows some basics graphics manipulations (coloring plot according preferences, axis manipulation and point selections) to help in decision making. Details about Leveldiagrams and some examples supplied in this…


Epsilon Variable Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm
ev-MOGA Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm has been developed by the Predictive Control and Heuristic optimization Group at Universitat Politècnica de València. ev-MOGA is an elitist multi-objective evolutionary algorithm based on the concept of epsilon dominance. ev-MOGA, tries to obtain a good…
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